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Brian Tome @ Injoy Stewardship Conference


This was the first time I had the opportunity to hear Brian speak…really strong stuff

The Art of Raising

Give everything away…capitalism runs against the values of the church and kingdom

You don’t serve people well by not asking them to do something difficult

Vision is recession proof…because no body wants their life to matter for nothing

1.  Lift the Weight of Spiritual Development

-spiritual development and financial giving are irrevocably connected

-it is the thermometer and the thermostat

-money is the fulcrum point of spiritual development…especially in america

-be known for being a great giving church

-the church is not a capitalist enterprise, it is a kingdom enterprise

2. Develop a Culture…Don’t Raise a Budget

-tithe and beyond as a leader (whatever you do sets culture)

-finances and giving should be in your regular preaching schedule

-give first time giver letters (thank them!)

-check on your leader’s giving

-do a year end celebration, or a year end ask

-paint a picture of the local church as the infrastructure for world change…captivate the imagination by being focused and specific on projects

-most people are clueless about how to be philanthropic…teach them

3. Give Yourself Grace


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