This Blog Has a New Home…

I recently decided to disconnect the good name of The Bridge from the nonsensical rantings and postings of its lead pastor…

Real Tim Dunn is the result

If you did follow Bridge Blog please transfer over, subscribe, and continue to connect with me at the new site

If you are new to blogging or reading blogs I can think of no better bless to begin filling your google reader than at “real tim dunn” (lol)

If all of this is new and pointless to you please disregard the shameless self promotion and know that I appreciate you stopping by

i started off with two posts at the new site:

“my city”  and “why NASCAR as soccer are the same”

I intend to leave up the archives of Bridge Blog for a while, but all new posts will be at the new site

BIG thanks to Jeff Flowers for the new design work

grace and peace-


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One response to “This Blog Has a New Home…

  1. David Palmer

    Dear Tim,

    I hope that you are well and that the Bridge is thriving. Tamekka Cornelius who is the resident Coordinator of Stratford Heights sent me a message that the Bridge had an event in the basement of the Stratford Heights on Friday night which conflicted with something that her team had scheduled. Can someone from your team contact her and confirm mutual understanding of this space? We want to keep good relationships for ministry with UC for the future. Call or email if you have any questions. Her contact infor is 513-558-7000 Email Blessings, David Palmer

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