John Maxwell @ Injoy Stewardship Conference


“Put Your Dream to the Test”

“The more valid reasons you have to achieve your vision increases the odds you will”

Questions to ask myself about my vision…

1.  The Ownership Question (Is my dream really my dream?)

-all great visions have an owner

-am I a believer in my vision or a buyer? (you don’t own what you haven’t bought)

-if you bought it, you will be willing to bet on yourself

-go no further if you cannot answer yes

2. The Passion Question (Am I excited about what I am doing?)

-passion is a great energizer…i have never known a passionate person who lacked energy

-passion sets someone apart because the world is full of passionless people

-if you cannot get excited about where you are, you will not get excited about where you are going

3. The Cost Question (Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?)

-vision that is not realized is always about cost

-in the beginning dreams are free

-4 things to know about price:

*you will pay sooner than you think

*you will pay more than you think

*you will have to pay more than once (if you are good…only the lazy and ineffective pay once)

*it is possible to pay to high a price (marriage/family/health/values)

4. The Tenacity Question (Am I moving closer to my vision?)

-every time you stop your resources will stop

-remember that God gives resources to vision

-as I move toward vision, resources will move toward me

-you don’t fulfill vision, you are faithful to it


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