The HUGE Announcement @ The Bridge

There is ALOT of back story, with alot of intersections, and alot of profound timing, but in the name of avoiding a blovel, I will just hit the high points…

God has been so gracious to The Bridge in our move to Clifton.  We have seen changed hearts and lives, a continual affirmation that the step was one toward health in our community, and a continued redemption of the history of our church.

In all of the good, I have continued to feel restless…

For many churches, to replant by moving the entire church 25 minutes away would have been a “destination” move.  To be honest, immediately following the move, I felt like it was a destination move.

As the months have gone by I have been able to identify my restlessness…it is very simply that our move to Clifton was nothing more than a step.  It wasn’t a destination.  I wasn’t the biggest move we will make.  And if it is, we are doomed.

That said, The Bridge has decided to make 4 large decisions as next steps in our journey:

1.  We have hired Jeff Flowers as our Executive Pastor

2.  We have hired Alan Oliver as our Discipleship Pastor

3.  We plan on launching 2 new sites over the next 2 years…one will be on the west side of Cincinnati, and the other with either be in Northside, or near Xavier University.

4.  We are looking for partners: financial and prayer (and ALOT of both)

If you are interested in partnering with us in any way, shape, or form, please comment below and I will follow up with you

These are enormous steps in the continuing story of The Bridge…steps that we take trusting God’s goodness and grace will direct us

Grace and Peace – Pastor Tim



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4 responses to “The HUGE Announcement @ The Bridge

  1. Kenny B

    congrasts Tim, soooo glad to hear what God is doing in your midst

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  3. Jim

    Good for you, homes! You shall prevail, I have no doubts.

  4. michelle

    hook me up with a prayer partner
    i’m really excited for this church

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