Thinking about life and death courtesy of Michael Jackson

Everywhere I have looked over the past week or so I have seen information about Michael Jackson…his death, his life, the accusations…

My man was a musical genius, no doubt about it (I am going with “Billie Jean” as my favorite)

And no one, NO ONE danced like MJ (2 words: moon walk)

With all of the sales, and all of the awards, and all of the genius that he undeniable possessed, there is still the issue of 27 million dollars in pay outs for allegedly acting unacceptably and inappropriately with children.  

The end of the story is that I hope MJ had made Jesus King of his life before he drew his last breathe, but as for his life, he has me thinking:

Would I rather be known for my craft, or my character?

What skill, talent, or gift will people have to point to in an attempt to justify a lack of or question of my character?

Would I be OK with never being known for a teaching I gave, a book I wrote, or an investment I made…but being known as a man of integrity?

Even further, would I be OK with being known as a minimally talented man of high character?

Proverbs 22:1-A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches…


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