Ted Haggard at Elevation Church

About a 40 minute interview by Steven Furtick with Ted Haggard

What do you think?

Has been fascinating to watch the church respond/not respond to this tragedy.

A mainline, well known, evangelical pastor commits sexual sin, and not just sexual sin, but gay sexual sin.

How do you think we have done?



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2 responses to “Ted Haggard at Elevation Church

  1. Dan Clevenger

    I did not watch this clip but I did watch the HBO special on him. After watching it I was truly ashamed to be a Chrisitian. While he certainly could not continue to serve as the pastor of the church – their best biblical response was to ignore his struggles and banish him to another state… The problem with modern Christianity is that we like our sin in a neat box, patch it with a verse or two that makes us feel super spiritial and move on. If that doesn’t work – we send the embarracing sin to another state.

    I hope anyone that watches the HBO special or any other information about the man will immediately get on their knees and pray for him.

  2. Rebecca Herzog

    I completely agree with Dan. I, too, was ashamed and embarrased to be an evangelical believer after watching the HBO special. Amazing that those that claim the truth of Christ, do not understand the basic tenets of His word. Grace was completely missing from this unfortunate time in Ted Haggard’s life.

    I, too, sinned in a way many others were effected by my actions. My church, the Grace Brethren Church of Columbus (OH), acted perfectly by displaying “grace”, love, compassion and healing support. They helped me through the repentance process never faltering on their love for Him and for me. I only wish Pastor Ted and his family were given the same “grace” from their former congregation. If not for God’s will being ingrained in this family, who knows where they’d be today. Go God!

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