Leadership Isn’t Decision Making

it is direction setting

EVERYONE makes decisions…not everyone leads

it is an important distinction because…

1.  People think because they can make decisions they are leaders, and as such, should be followed

This can happen in marriages, in churches, in business…

let’s just use the example of marriage:

Some men think that as the leader of their homes it means they are supposed to make all the decisions, and their wife is supposed to follow them.

Given the right circumstance, the wife will admit that she doesn’t feel like the man is leading.

Dumbfounded, the man will explain all of the decisions he has made

If he is prone to being defensive, (prideful) he will blame the wife, saying she is not following his decisions, and claiming that if she would support his decisions things would be fine.

2.  It is possible to make decisions, and be going no where

In our marriage example, the reason the wife doesn’t feel like her husband is leading is because all of the decision have not produced anything

There is no vision, no direction

she feels the lack of progress and direction… and rightly explains it as him not leading

because he equates leadership with decisions, and not direction, he can’t hear her

Sometimes we make the passive decisions

Ones that don’t matter….don’t count…don’t create…and think we are leading

Leaders discern the decisions that create, and wisely make them

*In your marriage, what is your vision, and what decisions are you making to set a course…plow new territory…bring that vision to pass?

*In your family…

*At your church…

*In your business…


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