I Believe…

So I am starting a new post series on where I presently find myself in my theological journey.

I am doing this for several reasons:

1. To put on “paper” the ideas and beliefs I have in practical form, for my benefit, and the strengthening of my theology

2. To invite any who would like to do so, to join, influence or challenge my theology for our mutual benefit

3. To challenge any who agree or disagree to gain clarity as to why they do in fact hold to the beliefs they ascribe to. It is my conviction that most people have no idea what they believe, or why they should care. I think this is a failing of the church, and hope that at the very least, The Bridge calls people to a higher standard

My concerns in doing this…

1. Arrogance. In two ways…I do not want to infer in any way that I have the market cornered, or that I am a finished product. I equally am not interested in debating any goof who is more intent on arguing than growing.

2. That any would take what I say as an assumption that they either know what else I may think, or know me because of where they deem my journey to be. This is not some type of emergent “don’t label me” concern. Simply a “don’t make assumptions from a snapshot on a blog” concern

This series will be at least 8 posts long (beginning Wedndesday the 25th)…hop in at any point…leave to hear where you are and what God is doing in you!


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  1. Jim

    This looks like fun!

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