Weakness and Provision

In the book of Exodus Moses is a one time Egyptian prince who now finds himself on the back side of the desert tending to his father-in-law’s sheep.

He comes across a bush that is on fire, but not being comsumed by the fire…and comes to understand that he is in the presence of God

God tell Moses that he is supposed to go back to Egypt (where he is wanted for murder) and tell Pharaoh to let his sizeable building force of Jewish slaves go free.

Moses responds by saying he is obviously not the man for the job, and begins to argue with God about the capability it would take for such an endeavor, pointing out that he feels he lacks said capability

God responds by telling Moses to get a grip, and remember that He had made Moses mouth, and is well aware of any limitations it may have.

This is where they story gets odd (ok, more odd)…

Averything God says to Moses up and to this point would indicate that Moses was going to have to suck it up, put aside his insecurity, and go to Egypt…

instead, God gives Moses a helper, a translator of sorts, in his brother Aaron

I have never thought of why God would rebuke Moses, and then address Moses’ concerns, until I was studying/reading through today, and came to realize that Moses would have had an in with Pharaoh. He knew the customs, was probably known by Pharaoh, and Pharaoh’s court. He would be given entrance, short term entrance, but entrance none the less

Moses did not have a platform with the people he was called to advocate for. He had not been a slave…he had been a prince. He had no network, or conncections, or experience that would have given him any entrance to the Hebrews.

But Aaron did…

I have always read the story as God being gracious to Moses, and helping him with Aaron, thereby soothing his insecurity. Although I think this may be true, I think it was a very small part of the equation.

Moses needed Aaron to do what God had called him to do. He may have thought it was to help him speak…in fact it was to help him be heard.

I wonder what in your life seems like an insurmountable weakness to you.

Something embarassing, or shameful, something that makes you insecure

It was at that point of weakness that God met Moses. Moses may have thought God had helped him out. I think God always intended Aaron to go with Moses. He simply allowed Moses to identify the need.

Where are you weak? In taking it to God you may find that it is at that very point that God will meet you, and in meeting you there, call you to something profound.


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