“Killing Cockroaches”


I was recently given the opportunity to get an early addition of Tony Morgan’s new book “Killing Cockroaches”. I am painfully late in my review, as the flu, and then bronchitis, and then and a continued passing it around my family has led to a bit of tardiness on issues like reviewing a new book.

I was initially introduced to Tony’s work when he was at Granger, and I attended Innovate 07. (Granger’s annual conference)

I was introduced to Tony’s Simple Strategic series (co-written with Tim Stevens) and quickly read all three. When given the opportunity, I read Tim’s new book, and of course chose to read Tony’s when it became available.

Tim’s book moved away from the multiple/short idea form (introducing 100 ideas in one book) and wrote extensively on the use of culture to reach culture.

Killing Cockroaches sticks to the format found in the Simply Strategic series, although it is written like a running journal. (unlike the series)

As I read through the book, I had the feeling I was reading through a blog. It was great, except that I already subscribe to Tony’s blog. In that regard it was a bit redundant for me.

That said, Tony is obviously a brilliant guy. The redundancy factor was not from a lack a quality in the material, but from my repeated exposure to it. When it comes to strategic efficiency, and vision clarification, Tony is certainly one of the best I can find in church world today.

People familiar with his former work will appreciate his perspectives with some new insights and growth from his experience at NewSpring. People who have previously not been exposed, will find a great deal of information to chew on and apply to their given context.

If you are living and working in church world, it would be a great book to read through with your team. Either way, I definately recommend picking this book up.


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