I Want to be a Part of a Church that…(part 5)

finds purpose in hope

In 1 Corinthians 13 Paul boils everything that will remain down, and it is three things: faith, hope, and love

faith is the source of our belief

love is the manifestation of our belief

and hope is the goal of our belief…what we believe in…what we will believe is true, can happen, or will happen

we define hope like this…

i hope the bengals aren’t going to be awful AGAIN this year

i hope over 2 trillion dollars will really get our economy moving again

hope: unsure optimism

this kind of hope, although warming, is pretty empty

biblical hope is two words: trust and expectancy

biblical hope is firm, its reliable, its certain, its trustworthy

In 1 Peter, the apostle tells us to fix our hope on the revelation of Jesus

He says to have it sustain your mind, and spur you on to action (gird up the loins of your mind)

He says to allow that hope to stabalize your mind (be sober) and not have the kind of hope that is unsure or whimsical…but firm and sober

Peter essentially says that as the church we should fix our hope on the trusted, expected, certainty that Jesus IS going to come back, and He IS going to set up His kindgom, and He IS going to win!! ( and that hope ought to sustain us in circumstance and stabalize our minds)

Truth is, thats wonderful…more wonderful than I can put into words…more wonderful than I can imagine


what about today?

Is my hope just for a day off in the future when God will win

set things right

and get what He is worthy of

Paul writes to the church at Phillipi and he tells them to be confident of something

not unsure optimism


He tells them to be confident that God will complete in them what He began in them until…

the day of Jesus

Paul also tells us that Jesus is coming back…but he says that God is also already here…already working….already redeeming….already restoring…IN ME!

Paul says to be confident that God will never stop doing this. That day after day, week after week, I can trust the presence of God, and the work of God in my life until the day Jesus comes back

Can you imagine a church that believed and expected that God was at work NOW, in each one of us?

That God was redeeming NOW…restoring NOW…and that He wasn’t going to stop EVER

That’s hopeful


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  1. I so needed this this morning. Thanks.

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