I Want to Be a Part of a Church that… (Part 4)

exhibits mercy

Imagine the level of mercy it took…

for Jesus to live on this earth for one day

surrounded by His creation, fallen, deceitful, wicked

knowing every deed, thought, and secret of every person on the earth

and yet to come, not condemning, but to save and forgive

Mercy is grace’s ground zero

Grace is giving someone what they do not deserve

Mercy is not giving someone what they do deserve

Mercy is not swinging back

not gossiping back

not yelling back

not wounding back

it is the response and decision you make to your initial reaction

I have found it is easier to give someone what they do not deserve after I have first decided to not play the judge, and give someone what I think they deserve

The response of Jesus to the woman caught in adultery is a great blueprint

I think something inside each one of us deeply resonates with the woman, and with the pharisees

Something inside of me hopes and prays God is like this: this gracious, this merciful, this amazing.

I believe it is true…I don’t always feel it is true

Something inside of me also understands the pharisees: afraid to be exposed, judgemental, and guarded

Condemnation and Correction are not the same

The Pharisees wanted to condemn and shame the woman for her sin

Jesus corrected the woman (go and sin no more)

Mercy is a pardon, not an acquittal…

It doesn’t mean sin doesn’t matter, holiness isn’t important, and correction doesn’t need to occur

It does mean we are not free to shame or railroad or dehumanize

There is power in the words: “me too”

The Pharisees refuses to give mercy because they could not conceive that they were capable of the sin committed by the woman.

Something goes very wrong in the church when we think…

I have never

I would never

I could never

Mercy comes very easily when we understand…

I have done that

I am capable of that and more

Me too

We are free to extend mercy when we believe God is both more effective, and more faithful at accomplishing His work in each one of us

When the woman walked away from Jesus He wasn’t done with her, just with that encounter.

God promises to finish what He began in each one of us.

When we trust that promise we don’t need to panic

or over react

but in grace and humility

correct without condemning,

trusting that God loves His plan in each one of us far more than any of us can conceive.


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