This is Why I Love Clifton!

Last week a guy stopped me, and told a LONG story about how he was locked out of his apartment, had come to Clifton to find his roommate, was unable to do so, and now was without a way home, and without a key into his pad.  

After telling me this he asked if I had seen the movie “Pay It Forward”…

I laughed and asked him how much he needed without answering his question, to which he replied $3.50

I knew he probably didn’t need the money for a bus, but I decided a while ago that I wasn’t going to play the “he is just going to drink or smoke my three dollars” game, and I was going to give the money when I had it, rather than try to judge the validity or sincerity of the person asking.  

One hour later, as I was in a meeting, I looked out the window, and who do I see…Mr. Pay It Forward!  He had obviously not gone home on my $3.50.  

I laughed and told the story to the person I was meeting with, and haven’t given it another thought

Today, a week later, I had meetings all day, and when they are through, I got in my car and begin putting some stamps on letters I needed to mail when I hear a knock at my window.  I look up to see…Mr. Pay It Forward!

I roll down my window, say “what’s up” and ask how his day is going.

He responds by telling me he is having a bad day, and that he…you guessed it…is locked out of his apartment

I sit and let him tell his entire story

When he is finished I say “Bro, you know you hit me up for three bucks with that same story last week?”

My man’s face drops and turns red…he studders a bit, and says “I did”?

I say “yea ya did”

And he says back to me with a straight face “well, I payed it forward”

And this friends, is a story you will only hear from someone doing life in the city…gotta love it



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2 responses to “This is Why I Love Clifton!

  1. Kristin

    haha- that is hilarious…

  2. Jon King

    i can’t stand that guy:) is that my man that always works ya on the gas can too?

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