I Want to Be a Part of a Church… (part 3)

that exhibits humility

we all have things we pursue, and seek, vision that is right and biblical…but it is our relationships that define us.

it is how we treat one another that is important 

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)


every church I know talks about how it values love…it is a requirement of the evangelical church to put “love” in its values

the truth is, if we don’t value humility, love will never occur

humility is the key that will unlock the door to true and biblical interaction, while pride is the lock that will keep us in our groups, in our buildings, gossiping, backbiting, being critical, and condescending

humility is  ALOT less popular a pursuit than love

no one got a Valentines Day card that said…”I lower myself so you can be raised up”…or “I am less important than you”

but as Christ followers we continue in the footsteps of one who chose to make Himself of “no reputation”, taking on the form of a “servant”, all the way to His death at the hands of His own creation!

Here are three quick foundations of humility to frame the conversation:

1.  You are created

your life was not once bestowed to you, but is continuously allowed

when you and I forget we are created bad things happen (Lucifer/Adam and Eve/Romans 1)

Humility then, is not a sacrifice we bring to God, but an acknowledgement of reality…He created all of us…we are dependant on Him…when I try to build my empire at your expense I am like an ant in an ant farm, building up my few kernels of dirt, refusing to acknowledge it is borrowed and temporal

2.  You are a sinner

Paul said that in him was “no good thing”! The Apostle Paul said there was no good thought/intention/action in him that was good!  

In our interaction do we assume ourselves right, our intentions good…how would our relationships change if we agreed with Paul?

3.  God gave you grace

We often consider sin to be the great humbler, but for a Christ follower, grace is the greatest humbler.  To be so depraved, and have been given so much, how can I seek power, seek to build my empire…


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One response to “I Want to Be a Part of a Church… (part 3)

  1. blissfuljourney

    This was interesting as I have recently been contemplating the idea that God may actually be humble. Imagine! Certainly not something I had ever been taught concerning God. But it really does make perfect sense that God would be humble.

    Heres the thing about trying to find a church with humility- to be truly humble one must let go of judgment. To be non-judgmental one must not judge ones self right and another wrong. Good luck trying to find a church like that. If you do let me know.

    Hmmm….reading that back I sound fairly judgmental. lol I guess I have a ways to go in the humility department.

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