I Want to Be a Part of a Church…

that seeks truth

I am not interested in a church that does not give highest priority to their pursuit of truth

Honestly, what would be the point

I am not talking about pursuing what is true…the facts of a time or culture…I am talking about pursuing the truth…the overarching, timeless, transcending, understanding of the way things are

In the Old Testament truth is “firm/reliable/stable”

In the New Testament truth is: “disclosed/available”

I am talking about foundational, reliable truth that is available to anyone who is interested in it…not beliefs that change with time or are reserved for a select few

In the Gospels Pontius Pilate asks Jesus a question that is still applicable to today’s time…”what is truth”

It was a question that Jesus had already answered in two ways:

Truth is a person

Truth is that person’s words

Those that seek truth seek to know a person, and seek to hear what that person says

As in any relationship there will be times when we love, and are encouraged by what we see and hear…so anyone who is seeking truth will have to come to realize that their journey will include their acceptance that truth will sometimes be their friend, and will other times be their adversary

In the book of Genesis Jacob wrestles with God…and God lets Him.  

God throws Jacob, and allows Jacob to throw Him

What a great picture of how we ought to approach our truth journey.

Their will be times when the person of truth, and the word of truth will be a warm blanket, an welcome friend, or an encouraging word…there will be other times when truth will be a punch in the face, or a fight that wears you out and puts your hip out of joint

People that seek truth are willing to have both in their life

I want to be a part of a church that seeks truth…all truth…from all sources…

that when they hear truth in a song, a book, a statement, or movie (regardless of who said it) they identify it as an echo of their Savior’s words, and they claim it, and wrestle with it, and fight it, and allow it to challenge and change them 

I want to be a part of a church that holds truth with white knuckles, while at the same time never believes that it originated with them or makes them superior…

I want to be a part of a church like that


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