Yankees fans/A-Roid/and the state of American sports


Out for meetings all day yesterday, I was sporting my trusty Yankees lid, and was asked no less than 10 times what I thought about A-Rod. (or as he was twice referred to: A-Roid)

So here it is…3 words

I Don’t Care!

It is not that I think it is right for athletes to take roids.  It is illegal.  

But it is strange to me to hear  people be surprised when they hear yet another athlete did in fact take “performance enhancing drugs”

It is infuriating to me when congress wastes time and tax payers money by bringing these guys in, and grilling them on national TV

And it is hypocritical to me, to hear the moral outrage of our society…

we have idolized and deified the modern athlete.  All of the sudden we realize that these guys are human beings, and that it is not normal to put on 35 pounds of muscle in one off-season, and we feign naive?  

Look, we regularly see 14, 15 year old boys being marketed, pandered to, and idolized before they can legally drive a car.  

If baseball is g0ing to address roids, stop leaking names once every 6 months, and acting surprised.  Release the names, and address the athletes like you would anyone who takes illegal drugs!

Otherwise, stop acting like this is about morality when it is about money.  

The truth is, as long as people are still paying $50-$2500 a pop to watch LeBron James shoot a ball into an iron circle, A-Rod hit leather 500 feet, or an NFL back run a 4.3 forty while still benching 400 lbs, we expect, and team owners expect athletes to do things that are super human.

When America becomes OK with a more human, and less “divine” sports star we can begin to have a legitimate conversation about the morality of our sports entertainment.  Until then, take A-Rod’s face off every channel 24/7, have congress work on the economy, and let’s all stop acting like these athletes are not just a product of the worship we give them


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One response to “Yankees fans/A-Roid/and the state of American sports

  1. Kyle Mountsier

    you ever think about becoming a preacher??

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