You Had to See This Coming

Fox News recently did a story about a woman who says her “church plans to make her sin public”

Of course she did what any Christ follower would do…she went to the national news media.

Fox posted a letter in PDF form sent to the woman, and titled the file:


Read the article here

What do you think of this?



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3 responses to “You Had to See This Coming

  1. Kyle Mountsier

    I think this is an absolute misunderstanding of the message of the gospel and of accountability. And again, it is sad that all many people in America hear is this story. It has to propel the rest of us to live like Christ for others to see even more.

  2. sorry, I haven’t read the article yet but it has to be a moral failure, right? Why don’t we ever see church discipline being carried out against extortioners, or coveteous, or idoltarous people? (think how many of us would be in need of public discipline then!) Jesus didn’t humiliate the woman caught in adultery, but he did expose these other sins.

  3. Tim, I tagged you in a meme today . . . come on, I know you can do it 🙂

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