Congress Gives Itself a Raise!!


I cannot tell you how mad this makes me!!

I honestly have no idea what the bailout money total is at right now…I lost track after 800 billion…but here is the deal: if you get elected to a job, and you know that you are charging the people who elected one dollar more because you have had to bail out businesses…YOU DO NOT GET A RAISE!

After lecturing the automaker CEO’s to work for one dollar a year, the congress voted to give themselves a $4,700 annual raise, adding 2.5 million dollars to the taxpayer’s bill this year.

What’s worse, the average lawmaker takes home $169,300 a year with leadership taking home around $188K, and Nancy Pelosi taking home just over $217K!

What the…have these people lost their minds…become completely detached from reality…and by the way, how do I get a job where I get to vote to give myself a raise?

I am going to stop this post now, before it begins to include profanity

Read the entire article hear


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One response to “Congress Gives Itself a Raise!!

  1. AO

    And I thought President Obama said there would be a Pay Stop in effect. Oh well, so much for that.

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