W’s Farewell Address

“You may not have agreed with some of the tough decisions I have made, but I hope you can agree that I have been willing to make the tough decisions”

I think that sums up W’s tenure as our president.

I cannot think of another individual who more clearly exemplifies the fallacy of tolerance in our culture. The man was absolutely destroyed by the media on what seemed like a daily basis.

There were many things I disagreed with him on, but it is true that he was willing to make the difficult decisions that were all to easy to criticize because we were not the ones who had to answer the bell.

At the end of it all, you want your leaders to follow their values, listen to their conscience, and make decisions. Criticism is the price of leadership. I think W paid dearly, but I think history will look more kindly on him than our present society.



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2 responses to “W’s Farewell Address

  1. darcymeyers

    I wrote an almost identical blog, with simialar conclusions. I guess we agree. He certainly was “The Decider”



  2. elaine magliocca

    I didn’t agree with everything thatPresident Bush did during his eight years in office either. I wonder, how many people would agree with my every decision over that last eight years of my life?! Few most likely! Fortunately, for me and the world at large my decisions didn’t carry the weight that his did!
    He was a decision maker! And he was a man who stood by his principles when few people today do. I truly appreciate that he is a man of character. Heaven knows if he wasn’t we would have all heard about it by now! In his final speech to our nation this week, he said it was his hope that all Americans would believe that every decision he made was the one he felt was in the best interest of all Americans, whether they could agree with the decision or not. Mr. President, I believe that.

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