Its Obama’s fault…

To those of you who claimed George Bush was to blame for all that has gone wrong in the world…

Ayman al-Zawahiri (al-Qaeda’s No. 2 leader) has moved on…

He recently released an audio message blaming Obama for the fighting occurring in the Gaza strip

I am not speaking to those of you who voted for Obama because you believed in what he stood for…only to those of you who voted for him because you hated W…

What are you going to do when terrorists/enemies of the US start levying the same accusation at Obama (you know, the ones the left began to agree with, and the media began to publish) that they levied at Bush

Hopefully you can see the pure hypocrisy of defending Obama against these accusations when you used them to crucify Bush.

I am not defending Bush…only saying that I suppose I can see the benefit of a self serving and  subjective worldview that allows me to defend one and assault another without anyone pointing it out because that would be intolerant.

At some point you have to make a decision.  Not based on what is popular or feasible, but what is right and moral.

I am not a fan of ALOT of what W did, but I respect that he did what he thought was right, regardless of who said what, or what was currently popular.

That is called leadership

That is called integrity

I pray the same clarity for our incoming president


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