God made me laugh…

In my time with God this morning I came across an interesting verse…

In Genesis 21:6 Sarah has just given birth to the promised Isaac.  She is beyond natural child bearing age, and the birth is miraculous both physiologically, and prophetically.  Sarah apparently gets the giggles about the scenario, and says that God made her to laugh, so that others will hear what happened to her, and laugh with her.

A couple things struck me…

Have you ever considered that we serve a God whose plans for us are so miraculous, and so phenomenal, that they make us shake our head and get the giggles?  Sometimes we forget that our God is capable of the miraculous in us…capable of blowing our minds…bringing us past logic and into humor

I got thinking about my own walk with God, and the journey most people I know have with God.  It is a Sarai experience.  It is pre-birth.  It is an existence defined by what can’t be done, instead of what God has promised, and what could be.  I think part of the humor for Sarah was remembering all of the reasons she thought God was out of His mind.  I imagine she could go down that list in her mind and see how God had blown by every objection. 

Most of us live like Sarai…we know what God said, but the obstacles weigh so heavily on our minds we begin to forget what He desires to do, and is capable of accomplishing.

Sarai was scientific…Sarah was comedic.  Her walk was so funny, so miraculous, that when people heard her story they shook their heads and laughed.

What is God planning to birth in you…what vision, what ministry, what service?

I pray it is hysterical.


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  1. Kyle Mountsier

    God is making me laugh about this too! What is even greater is that she gave birth to Issac….”laughter.”

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