Seven Pounds

A friend gave Ash and I tickets to an early showing of “Seven Pounds” last night.  He had been given the tickets, but had to work, so he offered them to us.  

Noah was at my mom’s house, unable to get home because of the weather, so we went to what will probably be our last night out for some time since baby girl is due in  TWO WEEKS!!

The security was crazy…they were checking bags, watching people turn off their cell phones, and wanding people at the door of the theater.

Luckily my recording device is plastic, and you can see my pirated version of the movie in medium quality at www… (just kidding)

With the exception of Men in Black 2 (a movie that had no business having a sequel) I have liked every movie in which Will Smith has starred or been in a supporting role.  He is one of a handful of actors you trust to get you your ten dollars worth at the theater.  (Or as is more often the case for me, one dollar worth at the Redbox)

“Seven Pounds” was no exception…and may be one of his better movies.

The story line was incredible. Some pretty heavy topics, so if you need to laugh, and it is between the new Adam Sandler movie and this, go with Adam. If you are looking for a great story that will get you thinking, I highly recommend this flick.


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