I Hate When Christians Allow Themselves to Get Bullied

As I was watching the Jon Stewart/Mike Huckabee conversation on gay marriage I had a pit in my stomach about how it was going to go…

I knew Stewart was going to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Huckabee, and that Huckabee wasn’t going to argue, but was going to say they wouldn’t agree, while tossing up softballs for Stewart to crush.

Example…when Huckabee references  5000 years of acceptance of man/woman marriage, Stewart uses the reference to bring up the Old Testament.  Instead of saying “Jon, I meant all major religions have had that perspective for 5000 years” Huckabee lets himself be taken right into Stewart’s talking points.  Huckabee allowed Stewart to tee off on Christianity, without having to address an overwhelming, international, religious moral stance.  It would have been interesting to see if Stewart would have responded the same way if the context were all major religions rather than just Christianity.

Example…Huckabee used the law as reasoning for being against marriage.  To which Stewart responds with all the times it has taken the US far to long to get on the right side of an issue with the law. (slavery/segregation/civil, gender rights)  Anyone who knows Huckabee’s background knows “the law” isn’t the reason he opposes gay marriage.  He lack of belief made his position indefensible, and leaves him with no response when the law backs gay marriage.  His position banks on the 68% of Americans remaining resolute in their position.

I am not specifically cracking on Huckabee…but more addressing a percieved common wimpiness in Christians when facing the secular media machine. 

Have you noticed that a Christian worldview gets destroyed in the mainstream media even when certain beliefs correspond with Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism?   Why is that?

I am not talking about becoming obstinate, and obnoxious, on these issues or in these conversations.  I actually appreciated how respectful Stewart was.  I am simply saying that I am sick of the talking point serving of Christianity that gets offered up in key opportunities…like being on one of two shows my generation gets their news from! (Colbert Report being the other)  

Let’s be more thoughtful…let’s require common footing on these issues.  We have mistaken humility and meekness, for being intellectually passive. I believe the indefensible positions and trajectory of secular theology will come through.  

If you do not find your faith withstands intellectual scrutiny, why do your base your life on it?  We would do well to commit to the hard work of scrutinizing our faith, so we can defend it if the opportunity arises.


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