Newsweek, Gay Marriage and the Bible

Since teaching on gay marriage at The Bridge a couple of weeks ago (listen to it hear) I have, as you might imagine, had a lot of conversations on the issue.  

It is a difficult topic, to say the least.  The church has for a very long time been very theological, but not very thoughtful on the issue.  Their lack of exposure to many beautiful gay and lesbian individuals (unlike what is often portrayed in the media) allows them to develop their worldview in a vacuum, untouched by friendship, let alone proximity.

To be fair, the vitriol heterosexual right, and the equally vitriol homosexual left, neither accurately represent the views of most people, or brings the issue to a legitimate conversation.

I have been sent links to the recent Newsweek article by Lisa Miller many times over the past week.  I don’t know Lisa, and I am certain she is a wonderful, intelligent person.  Her rendering of the “religious” position is closed minded and profoundly biased.  Her attempt at framing a religious or biblical perspective is pretty feeble, and certainly mocking.

The reality is that on one point, Lisa and I agree….religion is killing the church on a myriad of issues, gay marriage being one of them.  Faith, at least in my understanding is a different worldview, that can be religious or secular. The media loves to pound on religion, and rightfully so, but has little rebuttal to faith.  We are all people of faith…and religions are categorized by what an individual places there faith in.  A christian places faith in Jesus, a Muslim in Allah, an Atheist in science and a handful of other worldview donors.  The point is, faith is universal.  

Truth be told, there are people in and out of the church who voted against Proposition 8.  People of religion and people of faith.  People who do find their moral code in the Bible, and people who do not.  I wonder why we never hear of people who oppose gay marriage because they feel like it is wrong even though they do not profess a certain religion.  

Similar to politics, we hear the far left and the far right duking it out and painting everyone in their brush.  I am a person of faith,  I oppose gay marriage, but I am profoundly pro-gay.  I know for some this is an oxy moron.  My rebuttal is that I will not be sucked into the frame of mind that says I cannot love someone who I do not agree with on a certain topic.  We have bought into the idea that a person’s homosexuality is their makeup and identity.   I do not believe a person is who they sleep with, or are attracted to.  In fact, I think that there is a lack of health in such an identification.  

Gay and lesbians are remarkable, beautiful, complicated, human beings…I refuse to reduce them to their sexual bent.

As I said, it is complicated.  I am a work in progress, trying to apply my faith to the world around me…and its messy.  

Can we all do one thing…stop with the pathetic, broad brush, miss informed characterizations of “opposition”. (and stop viewing someone who disagrees with you as oppostion)  I know it is not PC to say it, but at times the gay movement teeters on the same vitriol prejudice they claim the church had shown them. (accurately said)  

We all need a healthy dose of humility, and kindness in the issue.  We all need  to develop a greater ability to listen, and a lessening propensity to yell.  

If the church is to “preach” against gay marriage, it must first strengthen the heterosexual marriages it promotes, removing the speck from its own eye.

If the gay community is to “preach” against religion, and call for love, even biblical love, it has to be willing to exhibit it even to those who would be viewed as enemies.

I agree with Lisa Miller…love is the way forward…but by God’s definition, not your’s or mine.



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4 responses to “Newsweek, Gay Marriage and the Bible

  1. I just want to say that I am very impressed with this post… I agree wholeheartedly! Christians are so focussed on the sins of others they forget the weight of their own sins. Greed. Pride. Lust. Etc…

    I will most definitely be back. We should link up!

    Timothy Kurek

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