Is it Harder to Love God…

When you talk about Him for a living?

I think it is assumed by many people that pastors, and church leaders, inherently love God the most because of the proximity they have to issues surrounding Him.  

It is a fair assumption…we expect our leaders to know and love God when a lot of what they do is supposed to be in His name or for His kingdom.  

Unfortunately, I have found that it is MORE difficult to love God when I am supposed to be spending my time on matters pertaining to Him. 

The lines are blurry.  It is so easy to mistake my walk with God, for my work for the church.  It is so easy to mistake my identity in Christ for my identity as a pastor.

I think a lot of pastors live off God’s work without ever really knowing God.  We talk about Him so much, speak for Him so regularly, that both we, and the people who come to our communities assume we know Him.

In the O.T God gets fed up with the Israelites, and tells them to stop doing all the sacrifices, feasts, and religious traditions that He had given to them because their hearts were far from Him.  

It is a bent of the human heart to be more comfortable with doing for God, or knowing about God, rather than being in love with God.

I mistake being able to talk about God, for Him having spoken to me.

I mistake knowing about God, for knowing God.  

I mistake being around God, for being with God.


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