Congress and the BCS

Recently saw on ESPN that three congressmen/women are presently bringing legislation against the BCS.  Representatives of Idaho, Hawaii, and Georgia decided to bring the legislation and in essence go on record supporting a playoff system.  

All three reps talked about their home state school of Hawaii, Boise State, and Georgia being snubbed in some way, shape, or form over the past few year

I am for a college football playoff.

That said, lets be honest here…  

In football terms Hawaii doesn’t want any part of the top tier football programs.  They got their wish last year, and got embarrassed by Georgia.  I would say the reason only one non-BCS school got into a BCS bowl is single handedly a result of the embarrassment that was Hawaii/Georgia.

Blue field Boise State did put on a classic, Cinderella show when they beat Oklahoma a few years ago with all the trick plays.  Truly, one of the best college football games I have ever seen.  But there is a reason it is called a Cinderella season.  It doesn’t happen again and again! Can you imagine Boise State against Oklahoma this year. Oklahoma would put 100 on them.  

Georgia…seriously.  I love ya.  I have family who went into debt getting an education at your school.  I love Mark Richt.  Great coach, good man.  But what beef do you really have?  You were the pre-season number one.  You ended 9-3, and ranked behind Georgia Tech!  Every year is supposed to be your year.  You are always the bride’s maid, never the bride.

That is football, this is the real world…

Dear Congress,

We are in recession…40 million Americans do not have health care…the auto industry is failing…we are dependant on foreign oil…we are at war (two of them)


I do not want to see Roger Clemens and Jose Canseco talking to congress!

I do not want to hear what you think about steroids, or Barry Bonds, or gambling!

I don’t care what you think about the BCS!

I want you to fix my country by making yourself as small as possible and the improvements you make as big as possible.  Until then, I do not want to see you on ESPN about anything EVER! You have far more important things to write legislation about.

Read entire article here.



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3 responses to “Congress and the BCS

  1. Well said sir!

    Ahhhh I love the smell of socialism in the morning

  2. We do need a fix for the BCS, but you are correct, this is not a job for Congress. Focus on the war, economy, etc.

  3. Kyle Mountsier

    um yeah, send this letter to Washington!

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