CC Sabathia’s 161 MILLION dollars, Recession and You


I am a Yankees fan…and in baseball terms love the Yankees finally getting some pitching, BUT…

Some of the numbers being thrown around by the New York Yankees in their quest to get back to the playoffs and baseball relevance are beyond my ability to comprehend.

CC Sabathia has leveraged the arm connected to his 300 plus pound frame into 161 million dollars over 7 years. That is 23 MILLION dollars every 365 days.

The average American family makes 47,000 dollars a year. Is CC’s world that means he clears the annual salary of the average FAMILY in our country every…

.52 strikeouts
.03 wins
.07 games
.52 innings

What kind of country do we live in?!!

This man could pay for an American family for a year every half strikeout he registers over the next seven years.

Said more plainly…every time this 300 pound man throws rubber wound tightly and wrapped in leather across a rubber disk strategically placed in dirt before another wealthy man can hit said rubber/leather with a piece of wood he can pay for TWO FAMILIES IN AMERICA!

And this is called America’s past time (along with apple pie)

This is America’s pastime while people do not have health insurance, poverty persists, we cannot afford to put a proper amount of policemen on our streets, food prices are rising, and gas cost five dollars a gallon this past summer?

Can I make a suggestion?

Let’s drop baseball as our pastime, and just make it apple pie.  Its cheaper, less ridiculous, and far less ethically challenged.



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2 responses to “CC Sabathia’s 161 MILLION dollars, Recession and You

  1. chicagosportfan1983

    I understand where you are coming from over CC’s contract. However, this is why we live in a capitalist society, we are free to earn however much money we want to, if one is willing to pay you. You bring up good points about people not having healthcare and the recession (soon to be depression). We really cant blame CC, or the Yankees for the problems in the United States. Hell, if I was able to earn that much money I would, and I would like to think you would too. Besides, I’m pretty sure both CC and the Yankees both donate money to chairty.

  2. Rich Doode

    We should all stop watching and start playing. Imagine televised local league games. Wouldn’t that be much more interesting? “Wow, did you see that last night on NBC when my boss struck out?” Now that would be cool.

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