Noah and the F Bomb

My wife is VERY pregnant…
So every Wednesday morning I take our son to the library for story time and then to McDonald’s (ya know, to get him addicted the unhealthy American diet)

This week we got to story time a little early, so we were walking around the library with Noah riding on my shoulders.

We read to him constantly, so he is always working on new words, the latest being “frog”.

We were walking along, he was testing out his enunciation, and volume…fwog…fwog…fwog…fwuck…fwuck..f**k…F**K…F**K…louder and louder.

I tried to quiet him down (both because we were in the library, and because of the obvious embarrassment and of my son screaming the F bomb in sight of everyone, on my shoulders, and loud enough for all in the building to hear) but he thought I was playing and just yelled louder.

He of course thought he was saying “frog”, but instead we walked through the library with everyone thinking I had incessantly said the F bomb to my son who was now mimicking me.

Ahhh, fatherhood.



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3 responses to “Noah and the F Bomb

  1. Kristin

    HAHA thats awesome…

  2. Kyle Mountsier

    oh wow, that just made my day

  3. j.s.

    pastor Jim taught him that…

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