On the shelf, ipod, dvr, and reader

Here are the books I have been reading

A New Kind of Conservative

Non-Violence: Twenty Five Years From the History of a Dangerous Idea

Jesus and Non-Violence

Urban Tribes

Encountering the Book of Hebrews

The blogs I have been frequenting

Anne Jackson

Brad Lomenick

Greg Boyd

I have been listening to alot of books on the iPod lately…

Tribes by Seth Godin

Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas Friedman

The City: A Global History by Joel Kotkin

From Q School by John Feinstein

I am looking for some good music, so if you have any recommendations fire away

The shows I have been watching

The Office


Eli Stone

Some shows I am told are good:

Kath and Kim

Worst Week

Some shows that are obviously bad

Rosie O’Donnell Live

Knight Rider

CSI…whatever latest city they are in

Shows that friends REALLY like, and I cannot get into:

The Biggest Loser, Lost, American Idol, and 24 (still to be determined)

Would love to hear what you are reading, listening to, and watching…if it is making you laugh, think, or change, let me know


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