Review of “The Moon Shines Down” (Margaret Wise Brown)


Like many in my age demographic, my exposure to children’s books was very limited prior to the arrival and subsequent reading patterns of my 18-month-old son.  When given the opportunity to read the latest offering from the author who gave us Goodnight Moon”, (which my wife says is a “classic” children’s book) I thought I would try it.  When the book arrived, I decided to expose it to the toughest critic in our house…the attention span of my son.  We let Noah watch very little TV, and read at least half a dozen books to him a day.  At 48 pages, classic author or not, this would be a sizeable test for him and the book.

The results were overwhelming…the story is essentially that God shines the moon, and blesses children all over the world.  Noah was glued from the very first page!  Every time I thought we had lost him, he was simply repositioning himself to get a better look at the beautiful illustrations.  He commented on every page, yelling out what was familiar to him, and attempting to speak new words.  As a parent, I want my son to know the size of God, and his mutual heart for people all over the world.  The book did a great job communicating that in word and image.  I feel safe in speaking for both myself and Noah…two thumbs up.

Check out the book for yourself


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