Please help me understand what is happening…

Take cover…time for a little venting

Is anyone else getting the impression the government nabbed 700 BILLION dollars of taxpayers money without really knowing what they were going to do with it?

Is anyone else feeling like there is a line around the corner of corporations and lobbyists trying to get their hands on a bit of the afore mentioned 700 BILLION dollars?

Does anyone else think it is laughable for congress to chastise the auto industry for self-inflicted financial problems?

Does anyone else think it is ridiculous, that in a country where most people I know have at least two cars, the auto industry can’t seem to make money?

Does anyone think it is crazy, that when I spend more than I have I go broke…when the government spends more than it had, it prints more money?  If they don’t knock it off, the dollars I do have aren’t going to be worth the paper and paint that made them

Does anyone have the slightest clue why the UN spent 23 MILLION dollars on THIS, while education, poverty, hunger, and violence are at disastrous levels all around the world?  How can you be called the United Nations when you can’t agree on much, and bring significant progress and change to even less?

Can some please tell me why anyone in their right mind would want the government controlling one single percent of their life or finances if they had a choice?  I get costs are ridiculous, healthcare is insane, energy is out of control…but what is your lifetime gives you the impression that government improves anything?

Please tell me what is happening

I am working on my optimism…this didn’t go so well



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3 responses to “Please help me understand what is happening…

  1. Mark

    Def not going to be helping your optimism. Anything the gov’t touches seems to just fall apart. I think we need to be holding them accountable. I’m glad my Senator voted no on the 700 billion. Paulson already said we are stable now and they still want to keep spending it..

    I personally think the day is coming where we’ll be seeing more Gov’t control of banking.. I think we should have 0.

    Gone are the days of personal responsibility.. The day of “collective”/gov’t responsibility is upon us.

    Thank God we have more important things to worry about =] Like sharing the Gospel

  2. Kyle Mountsier

    whew! i agree…

  3. Kristin


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