Proposition 8 and Gay Marriage

On November 4th our country elected its first African American President.  It was a historic step in addressing our horrific history of racial prejudice and injustice.  

For many, the day was marred by the passing of a ban on gay marriage in Florida and California.  The proposition has ignited a fire storm nationwide, with many pundits weighing in…

protests getting heated and violent…

a nationwide protest tour covering “every major city in our country”

and many placing the blame at the feet of the church  (of any denomination)

To be honest, I did not see this one coming…I assumed Florida would ban gay marriage, but was shocked when California voted yes on proposition 8.  

On November 23rd we will be tackling the issue of gay marriage at The Bridge, and I am looking for input from anyone who cares to weigh in…

How should the church respond to this issue?

What are your thoughts on the role of government in this arena?

What thoughts or questions do you have?



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5 responses to “Proposition 8 and Gay Marriage

  1. I’d parrot some of the facts that the video spouts, but that would be pointless. At the end of the day, it treats two people differently under the law. Civil unions are not equal in all ways to legal marriage, when you look at the way many systems look at them.

    Between the false separation of church and state and the sheer amount of hate involved in these propositions, can one truly support it without being a proponent of antiquated thought. Many of laws from the same book that is touted by those who were for H8 would condemn them to death for a myriad of offenses.

    Can we not look past religion, which has caused so much strife and death in humanity’s past, and treat our fellow man as equal in all things?

  2. Kristin

    First…I can’t wait to listen to your message on this…second…i think you are crazy and courageous for tackling it.

    I guess at this point I have one thing to say, we can’t depend on laws to fix the things we think aren’t right in God’s eyes. It hasn’t worked with abortion and it’s not going to work with homosexuality and/or gay marriage, the marriage part isn’t the root of the problem, if we stop them from marrying is that going to stop them from being gay? Isn’t that what we should be more concerned about?

    Has depending on the law to change the things we don’t think are right in God’s eyes ever worked?

  3. I agree with Kristen, I think you’re crazy and courageous, and VERY interested to hear what you preach . . . I’m pretty overwhelmed by this issue, I don’t know what to think . . . the only comment I have is something I think I heard Tony Campolo say, that marriage is a civil institution (which is why we get a marriage license at the courthouse or wherever), but going to a church for the ceremony is for the religious blessing . . . so gay marriage could be legal by the state, but doesn’t have to be “blessed” (I can’t remember what word he used) by the church. . . I’m doing a terrible job paraphrasing but that is the gist.

  4. USWeapon

    I have to say that I am for gay rights, but not gay marriage. Marriage is a tradition started by the church and controlled by the church. If this is about equal rights, then go for equal rights with things such as legally recognized civil unions. Many Christians reject the recognition of same sex couples using the term marriage because their religion says marriage is between a man and a woman. Many of those same folks would support civil unions. I look forward to reading your follow ups on this. I hope that you will also check out my blog at

    I am currently talking about some of the same issues and would welcome some respectful discussion around it or any of the other issues I cover there.

  5. USWeapon

    Interestingly I have found myself advocating the gay marriage position after several of the discussions I have had on my site and the discussions I have had with my gay friends. I still hope you will come on over and visit. It is an interesting site with interesting discussions.

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