Ever wonder what a candidate does while the votes are being counted?

I have always thought it would be interesting to see what a presidential candidate does while the rest of the country waits to see if he will be the next commander and chief.  I imagine the mounting pressure is unbearable.  (thought Obama looked like the weight of the world, the free world anyways, had just been placed on his shoulders when he came out to give his acceptance speech)  

What would you do to combat the pressure?  I would put on my sweats, load up the iPod, order the best room service they could bring me, and order every movie off of pay per view that looked even remotely interesting.  They would come to tell me I won and find me out cold under an empty box of pizza and covered in chips with ‘”Get Smart” blaring in the background, having crashed from the caffeine buzz I got from 4 Mountain Dews.  Put that on your CNN hologram.

Apparently Obama chose a different route. (to each his own)  In another act of campaigning brilliance, he chronicled the evening and put it on Flickr.  Check out his evening here.

What would you do if you were the presidential candidate on election night?


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