My many, many questions

I have to admit, tomorrow I will be voting, and I still have about a thousand questions regarding our candidates.  


One that might seem odd, or even a little bit conspiracy theorist, is…

Why are these people clapping at this statement? Why do we need a civilian security force that is as strong as our military?  I thought we called those people police officers.  Am I missing something?  If he is referring to police…why does he over and over call them civilian security?

Also, what is the final number I have to be under in order to not get a tax hike?  Is it 250K, 200K, 150K, or 120K? Why does the number keep going down?

What does “redistribute the wealth” mean in terms of dollars and cents?  Is he really going to tax the rich in order to send a check to the poor?  How is that not called socialism, even Marxism?

Whether you like it or not, there are  a lot of bad men Obama has hung with…its not just one, or one time…its several, many times over.  Is there an explanation that is better than the political pass over?


How are you going to fix our economy? How are you going to fix our healthcare system?  I am sure you have a plan, it is just that after listening to him many times, I still do not know what it is.

I agree the troops need to come in victory, and I understand that we should not set a date and tip off our enemies, but how long do you think it will be before we draw this war to a close?  It seems like an indefinite thing to me.

McCain is another in a long line claiming conservative values, and making promises regarding these values. What is he going to DO about them?  The words have gotten beyond trivial, to a point of seeming like nothing more than a buy off for the evangelical vote.

I could go on an on here…

Here are my last few:

McCain is largely embraced by the more mature generation, while Obama is supported by the younger generation.  When do young liberals become mature conservatives, and will that happen with this generation?

Why after so many years of doing this thing we call democracy is our system not producing candidates that I can truly get behind and support?  

Why has the church been so naive in allowing their message to become partisan?

What are we, the church, going to do to stop voting for change, and start being change?

With the election tomorrow, what are some of your lingering questions?


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One response to “My many, many questions

  1. Mark

    Can you vote third party in Oh?

    Obama just scares me to be honest. I don’t like McCain either though, but in OK my option is ‘or McCain’.

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