As the race comes down to the last view days, most polls I have seen have the candidates with points of one another, and most people I know opted away from the incredibly boring World Series to tune into the 30 minute info-mercial from Barack Obama

With reports that his campaign paid 1 MILLION dollars (totaling almost 5 MILLION) to each network the show was aired on, I thought it was absolutely genius.  Regardless of what you think of his policies, it is hard to argue the brilliance of his campaign.  To have the opportunity to speak to the nation with just 6 days before the election, as you see fit, and without rebuttal…genius.  The commercial was smart to use struggling Americans to which we can relate, and with whom we can find common ground.  As someone who’s health insurance premiums just went up almost thirty percent before the coming hike for our 2nd baby, it was easy to relate to people feeling the squeeze.

Couple things I found interesting…

-Did you catch the clip where Obama was speaking to the lady who’s son had gone off to war just two weeks prior?  Right before the screen transitioned from him and her, you heard him say “Let me pray for you”

-Did you catch the 20% lowering of the income for families who will not receive a tax increase…from 250K to 200K?  Why is no one saying anything about this?  Are people expecting we didn’t notice?

Either way, November 5th should be an interesting day.  I am legitimately concerned for where our country is headed.  I think both men have some good ideas, and frankly wish I could combine the two into one candidate I feel I could vote for without severe reservations.  Such is politics, I have yet to find a candidate I fully agree with…maybe I should run for office, then at least I would have one politician I think has his head on straight.  

I have fear about the divide that either candidate will bring to the country, but probably more so the racial divide that I think will be widened should Obama not be elected.  Whom ever is our president, the church has a responsibility to speak prophetically into our society, while faithfully praying for our leadership.  Let’s no longer sit by while expecting our elected politicians to bring change, (hasn’t work with abortion) let’s be the change God has always intended the church to be.



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3 responses to “Obama-mercial

  1. sfokc6125

    Anyone that votes Obama is ether SHEEP or looking for free money from the hard working Americans.

  2. Kristin

    I can’t believe I actually have to make a decision about this in a few days….vomit

  3. Ashley

    I am not sure I completely believe either of the candidates on what their plans for the economy will be… it seems they keep changing. I have to make this vote based on my conscience and not my bank account. I like John Piper’s (I think that it was his-if I am wrong please correct me) post about the positions on abortion in that he said being pro-life does not qualify a candidate, but being pro-choice definitely disqualifies one. I think the value you place on a human life spills over into every area of your worldview. With things aligning to have a purely one party government( House, Senate, and possibly President), I don’t want the person with the highest office in the land to think an unborn child is a “punishment”. How that outlook on life could affect this country in 4 years is scary to me.

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