Politics is a Change, Reactionary, Covetous Game

When the election season started I felt like I was just going to sit this one out.  I was so frustrated with the system, and felt like it had not provided me with a candidate I could truly support.  

The time I have spent working on, and thinking through our current series at The Bridge has really helped me crystalize my feelings on some of the issues.  For the past thirty years I think the church has has allowed politics to become overwhelmingly large, while at the same time allowing the Bible to become incredibly small.  It may be because of fear, or the desire for a voice or power, I don’t know.  

In the end, two things are true…

1.  As a Christian, God does not want me to vote for change, He wants me to be change.  

Regardless of who is elected on November 4th, my role as a Christ follower remains the same.  The media can lead us to the belief that life will forever change as we know it if ______________ gets elected…and the church has to a large extent bought into the idea.  In truth, life for a Christian is still about the kingdom of God, and the belief that God will turn the heart of any king, and any kindgom, as He sees fit.  

2.  Politics are about human nature…humans have a short memory, and a high propensity toward emotional reaction.

One of the reasons I love politics is because it is all about human nature.  It is the observation of man, many times without God, trying to assert his will, his power, his kingdom, and his vote for all three.  One of the reasons politics drive me crazy is because it is all about human nature.  

I really began to be interested in politics while Willie Clinton was in office The resulting elections after his term have all had the same pattern:

Think of it this way…would America have voted in a “evangelical” leaning president like “W” if Willie had not been fooling around with a cigar and an intern in the oval office?  Would Americans have been as concerned about morals if our President had shown more concern about morals?  I think the answer is no

In this election…do you think Obama would have had the meteoric rise he has experienced if people were not as frustrated as they are with “W”?  Do you think that a man who leans as far left as Obama does would have stood a chance if people did not just want chance, in any form?  Obama has ridden the word “change” all the way to a commanding lead one week before the election!  Without “W”, I think there is no Obama, and without Willie, no “W”

If Obama is elected, it will be interesting to see what his four or eight years in office provide, and what reaction the public will have to his term (s)

I think both candidates are well intentioned men, but the hardest hurdle for McCain is not “W”, it is human nature.  Human nature that causes us to vote based on the desire for something other than what we have had.  The reason the system works, the reason it is the best system in the world, is because it is based on people who will grow tired of what they have had, vote for what they think they want, and in turn balance the system back from the right to the left, or the left to the right…keeping it somewhat it the middle over the long term


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