Stay at Home Dads: Who would you Hire?

Men and women are different.

It is not that one is better or worse…It is that we are different…

God made us that way, because He shaped us for different purposes and roles.

The reason the comic is funny is because it represents a universal truth…one that we do not debated unless certain issues come up.  

Because we are talking about issues at home vs. issues of work force, let’s use the work force as the back drop for our current debate.

You put out an ad for the position for a stay at home parent…

Two people reply.  Equal in talent, gifts, and passion for the position.  

One is a man, and one is a woman. After you interview and investigate, you determine the truths represented in the comic. You think through all of the gifts and perspectives of each candidate, knowing that you must choose who will spend the most amount of the day with your son or daughter.  

Who would you hire?

The Bible and your logic both tell you the same thing…a woman is infinitely more qualified!  It is like God groomed her for the job.  She is perfect for it.  

The man is a good man, would work hard, and would be passionate about the work…but something is missing.  The job  is irreplaceably a woman’s.  Not because she is inferior, but because she is superior!  How did the job of a mom become “less than” in our society?  Can you think of a more important job?  Can you really compare the title and salary she would have in the work force to the blessing and benefit she provides as a mom?

I cannot imagine what my son would be if I spent my days with him while my wife went off to work.  She does an infinately better job than I would, or to be honest, could.  I cannot imagine sending my son to day care so we could maintain a certain lifestyle.  It’s not that daycare is bad, or run by Satan, its that the service does not compare to what my son is given by his mom.  

Regardless of the success my wife would have in the workforce, we think the use of her skills, heart, and intelligence are best used on Noah. (and baby girl on the way)

What do you think? 

Thanks to Without Wax for the comic



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4 responses to “Stay at Home Dads: Who would you Hire?

  1. Kyle

    This is a response to both blogs on this point and the video that was presented earlier.

    1) I think we are taking the gender specification of “he” too strictly in 1 Tim 5. As in the English language, there is no gender neutral pronoun for a person. Fifty years ago, the same terminology of “he” would have been used in our writings. Today, one would be shot if the did not write using the neutral phrase “he/she.” We must recognize this is the same standard that Paul wrote with in the Greek language.

    2) Provide in this instance depends on the semantics you take the word to use. I know of plenty of men that provide financially for their families but fail to provide emotionally or spiritually because they are bound too tightly to their work. We must be careful in what working harder, taking a second job, or stepping up to the plate requires of us. There are many situations, mostly in low level income areas where men would struggle to provide past finances if their wife was not involved in a paying work field.

    3) There are countless instances where there has been a conscious choice made between a husband and wife for the wife to work and the husband to stay home that have produced great families. Take a family named the Deeds for example. The man stays at home and I know few kids that are brought up in love and the ways of the Lord as well as they are. This is not to say that a man can force his wife to work or be a deadbeat. The wife must want to work and the conscious decision of the two is to take this route.

    4) Shouldn’t we first and foremost be responsive to how God is moving us and pointing us in our relationships. Provide for your family (everyone) and love them with the love that Christ calls us to in the Gospel. Work your hardest at what God has called you too. Support each other as members of one body. These are the highest standards and the standards that Paul found himself struggling with and writing and speaking toward on a day to day basis.

  2. Robin

    Thank you, Kyle! I found your response both biblical and encouraging. It’s so hard being a Christian working woman b/c I constantly feel like other Christians are judging me for not staying home, and feeling guilty b/c I’m not with Luke 24/7, but God’s plan is not always the same for everyone and I am confident that God, in HIS graciousness, will cover Luke with His love and help him to be a man of God. Some situations and circumstances, like with our family, don’t allow the privilege of staying home even being an option. I also appreciate the fact that Aaron gets to spend so much time with Luke and I can testify that both are the better for it!
    It’s obvious that men and women are wired differently and that the original plan was the above traditionally stated “man working and woman staying home”, but we live in a fallen world where some people just can’t make that work. I feel like the church (in a global sense) has failed to realize that there are some women that would do anything to stay home but just can’t. In our case, it’s a matter of insurance. When you have a handicapped husband and a special needs son, purchasing insurance from a small business is impossible. I’ve often felt like a second-class mother (and I’m sure Aaron has felt like a second-class father) in Christian circles because of our situation. If you have the privilege as a man of providing for your family, and the privilege as a woman to stay home- PRAISE GOD! But please also realize that not everyone has that privilege.

  3. Rather than viewing my role as a stay at home mom as either my “place” or “duty,” (I don’t think anyone is suggesting here that it is, but it is often taught that way), I have rather chosen to accept this “calling” with deep deep gratitude, realizing that it is a privilege that most women in the world do not have as an option. As long and often unrewarding as most days are, my heart breaks for people like Robin who must work but would rather be at home, or for women whose only option is to place their children in a less-than quality daycare. (I think that I would cry every day. I cannot imagine). I have also been in countries where women can only hope to work hard enough to feed their children, and then there is no question whether a woman can or should work.

    That being said, I also wonder, in our culture, whether young families are giving up precious years with their young children because they refuse to live within one income. Even in the church, too many parents will not break with the culture because they still want to have it all. Or, for women I think sometimes the temptation for success in the workplace is stronger than the intangible success found as a mom.

    Lastly, I would like to find creative ways to use these years of staying “at home” to reach outside of my home, to be creatively serving others as well as my family. Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t have to mean giving up your talents, identity, and ministry, but can rather be a precious time to develop your own person and relationship with God, as well as nurturing your children.

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