What is wrong with the Bengals?!

This would be funny if it weren’t true…

The Bengals just signed Cedric Benson as their back-up running back!

The Cedric Benson who was just up on not one, but two alcohol related arrests that prompted the Chicago Bears to let him go!

No thanks former MVP, from the Cincy area, and general good guy Shaun Alexander…

Come on in Cedric Benson??

This from the organization who has led the league in player’s arrests over the past couple years!

Are you kidding me?  

This my friends, is me signing off from support of the Bengals…I grew up in northeast Ohio, raised a Browns fan, check that, Baltimore Ravens fan, thanks to Art Modell stealing the team from the city, and have tried to like the Bengals…

Who ever is in charge of these decisions obviously has no concern with the reputation of this city.  It is ridiculous…and what makes it more ridiculous…the team is horrible, 0-4.

Could it be that Chad Ocho Cinco, in his own crazy way, was completely right about the organization, and justified in wanting a trade?



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2 responses to “What is wrong with the Bengals?!

  1. Chase D

    The problem = Mike Brown.

  2. I agree with Chase, but then the Bengals haven’t been good since I remember.

    I remember then sucking when I went to a Steelers/Bengals came in the early 90’s

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