The First Presidential Debate

I think this debate was of huge importance to both candidates.  Most people I know feel like this.

A little late, but here are my thoughts on the presidential debate…if I could boil it down to a couple words:

Experience vs. Ideas

Obama has alot of ideas.  You may agree, you may disagree, but they are ideas at this point. There was no reference to “when I did this, this happened”.  With Obama, you are joining his ideas, his worldview, and his proposed ideology in addressing the problems that face our world and country.

McCain is about experience.  You may like his experience, you may dislike his experience, but you cannot argue that time and exposure is on his side.  Over and over he referenced meeting with leaders in many areas of the world.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised with his knowledge.  Every time Obama would talk about and idea, McCain would respond with an experience.

The candidates are so different, it was hard to say who won the debate.  The polls on these things are ridiculous, and time will tell.  I am looking forward to the future debates, and very much looking forward to the VP debate…again experience vs. ideas (we can argue which is which)

As annoyed as I am with politics in our country, I find myself pretty fascinated with this election.  No matter who prevails, it will be a historic moment for our country.

Did you watch?

What did you think?


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