Poker and our “Tell” (Part 2)

Joe Biden ticks Tim Stevens off, and this is why

Last year, Joe Biden made 320K…his charitable giving was $995

Over the past ten years the grand total of Biden’s charitable giving is $3690

Until 2005, when Obama began his run for prez, his charitable giving was .9% annually

In 2005 it rose to 4.7%

In 2006 it rose again to 6.1%

In 2007 John McCain gave over 25% of his income to various charities

McCain has given ALL of his book royalties to charity (1.8 million dollars)

In 1991 McCain voted against a pay raise for the Senate…he was out voted and the raise was put in place.  McCain has given the funds earned from the raise to charity every year, (17 years) the amount totaling approx. 450K

So these are the facts

And this is my opinion…

The Bible says your money is a “tell” for your heart.

I have repeatedly said I do not have political ties, and vote for who I feel is the best candidate.  There is so much rhetoric, it is difficult to truly know where someone stands…until you get info like this:

The economic plan of McCain has been touted as top down, for big business, benefiting the wealthy, and unconcerned for the poor and middle class…

The economic plan of Obama has been touted as bottom up, caring for those in need, helping the poor and middle class…

In the end it is hard to tell what is true.  I will say this…when a man becomes passionate about helping the poor with other people’s money…more passionate than he was when it was only about his money…you have to wonder

Without any crazy partisan rants…whatcha think


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  1. I’m really glad you shared this, it is a great point to consider . . . I am still undecided, and this makes me look at the two choices from a new perspective. A good one. thanks.

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