Poker and our “Tell”

I am not a big poker player, and I don’t really get the whole showing of poker tournaments on ESPN like it is a sport, but I know this about poker…

everyone has a tell: something they do when they are bluffing or excited or nervous

some people tap their finger

some get quiet

some get talkative

some can’t look you in the eye

on and on

The Bible talks about “tells”…

It says if you really want to know a man, look at what he does with his money or treasure.  Where his treasure is, is where his heart will be (Matt 6:21)

What is my point?

Check back tomorrow

Here is a hint: Tim Stevens is ticked off


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One response to “Poker and our “Tell”

  1. Hello my fellow Ohioan Greetings from the land of the Native Americans.

    I was ticked off 2 weeks ago myself…but not about politics, but about my beloved buckeyes..


    Hope all is well with you and the Bridge.

    I was at the OU Cincinnati game and told a few of the UC students/fans that were there about your church! So hopefully a few have or will stop in one day.

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