The Immmediate Effect of Sarah Palin on the Church…

In the video below is a discourse had between Voddie Baucham and Margaret Feinberg on CNN.  Perhaps I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t think about the effect Palin would have on the question of women in church leadership.  I am a fan of both Baucham and Feinberg, but they come down on very different sides of the question

What do you think? 

What does the Bible say about women in church leadership?

Do you think the Palin nomination will bring the debate to the forefront in churches?



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2 responses to “The Immmediate Effect of Sarah Palin on the Church…

  1. I think it is so funny that all these staunch-conservative Republican Christians are now forced to defend and support a woman candidate . . . many LOVE Palin but would have been so quick to use the woman card if Hillary were on the ticket . . . will conservatives ever face their contradictions?

  2. Kyle Mountsier

    It is hard to hear Voddie talk about the Gospel and a line of rules and regulations on the church. The Gospel is of love. If you are going to lay down the role of the woman card, please call it as it is and talk about the actions of the New Testament church, not the Gospel as Christ presented it. I also was not happy when Voddie said that he was not here to bring the Gospel to light in the working class family, but is here to be a pastor. Is that not what being a pastor is all about? Relevance is an issue in our faith and in how we go about loving. A woman being in leadership has nothing to do with loving or not loving this world.

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