There is losing, getting beat, destroyed, annihilated, and then there is this…

The Slovakian women’s hockey team beat Bulgaria 82-0.  Not a typo or joke…82 to zero, nil, nada in one game…coming off of 139 shots on goal, 82 of which went into the net.  A straight up drop kick of a beating!

Some more sports links:

Kirk Herbstreit (Buckeye) recently handed out his 8th annual Herbies for the college football season

A friend of mine, Joe Hartzler, recently starred in a new commercial for Madden 09

I am more than a little concerned for the Buckeyes this weekend at USC.  I may need to start praying that the Bucks do not play any SEC OR Pac-10 teams on national television.

The Bridge Fantasy Football League kicked off this past week with yours truly opening the season with a 74 point “W”…yea, my opponent has several Bengals on his team…OUCH

Here is my starting line-up

QB: Drew Brees

RB: Brian Westbrook

RB: Wille Parker

WR: Terrell Owens

WR: Marques Colston

WR: Plaxico Burress

TE: Jason Witten

K: Nick Folk

D: Seattle 

We’ll see what happens…

Do you play…how is your team looking, how was the first week for you?


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