What?! (The new Microsoft commercial)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Microsoft’s new 300 million dollar marketing campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld (who incidentally will collect a cool 10 million for his services)

So last night I was watching the RNC, (WOW! McCain’s speech was LONG) and this commercial comes up…

From my perspective this was  a perfect illustration of the differences between MAC’s and PC’s…does anyone have any idea what the whole shoe bit was about?!  The MAC vs PC commercial from Apple was minimalist, creative, and to the point.  The PC commercial, much like their actual product, was long, with alot of stuff that you had no idea why it was in there, or what the point was.  

Hey, God bless Bill Gates, and Jerry Seinfeld…and I get the possibility that the commcercial was supposed to be like Seinfeld the show, (a show about nothing) but so far I am not impressed with what 300 million gets you these days


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