The Story of Caleb Campbell

The story of Caleb Campbell begins at West Point, runs through day two of the NFL draft, and ends back at West Point.  

Caleb was a senior at West Point, and a safety on Army’s football team.  The military developed a policy allowing people with extroidinary talent (AKA.  good enough to play in the NFL) to serve their country as a poster boy/girl for the military as an athlete in the NFL, MLB, NBA.  If Caleb were to be drafted he would fall under said policy.  Caleb was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 7th round, and reported to Deerborn Michigan to begin his dream in the NFL.  

The day before training camp opened, he found out the Army had changed its mind, and he was to report back to West Point, where he would serve as the assistant football coach before going to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Talk about changing the course of your life!  

Read it from ESPN’s Rick Reilly

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