“Progressive” Politics and Evolution

We are seeing a shift in terminology with the liberal mindset.  As in the above clip, many left leaning, or left standing politicians are distancing themselves from the phrase “liberal”, and connecting themselves to the term “progressive”.  

The phrase comes from an idea posed by Woodrow Wilson in his book “The State” in which he posed the idea that humans do not only evolve physically, but do and should also evolve intellectually.  

So many times, when listening to “the left” it is easy for moderates and conservatives to wonder how we are so far apart when it comes to policy.  In truth, the foundation of our policy are inherently different, and any reconciling of belief is doomed because of the following…

-A “progressive” believes man evolved, and that evolution is more than physiology, but is also intellectual.  Our ideas should be evolving and growing, or “progressive”.  Our thinking should be evolving, beyond or equal to the rate of our physiological evolution

-This is the reason it is so important to keep intelligent design out of our educational system.  Because it is regressive.  We have evolved past the belief that someone or something intentionally created what we see around us.  To allow the idea to even be presented stunts the progression or evolution of our intellectual development.

-This is the reason many to the left refer to the constitution as a “living document”.  This is the reason Obama answered the way he did when Rick Warren asked him which Supreme Court justices he would not have appointed.  He answered with the two justices who are known for their belief that the Constitution is not living, and should be adhered to as it was originally intended and written. (Thomas and Scalia) This is the reason so many cast aside the Constitution as irrelevant or interpret it completely differently.  They believe the ideas in it are archaic, need to have evolved, and be made relevant to today’s society.

-At its base line, this is the reason the hatred for Bush is so unbelievably vitriol.  It is far beyond disagreement on philosophy.  It is because Bush is regressive in his thinking…not as evolved…not as progressive.  What is the main jab at Bush…he is stupid.  His “stupidity” is not so much about his IQ, as it is about the belief that his ideas are old, and unevolved.  He needs to understand and catch up with the notions presented not only in physiological evolution, but also intellectual evolution.  The hatred does not only come from disagreement, which could be civil, if were not truly about a belief that some more progressive thinkers are more evolved, and therefore better than someone who is stuck in the past.

The need for civil and even kind disagreement has never been higher.  The amount of hate mongering that has taken over our political system on both sides is ridiculous and incredibly harmful to our country.  That said, make no mistake, disagreement is unavoidable.  The starting place is different.  If you believe God created, God planned, God intended, you are not as evolved.  If your believe a baby is an eternal soul at conception you are not as evolved.  The basis of thinking is dramatically different and fundamentally irreconcilable.  

This does not mean there are not points of agreement with a progressive.  Do not react emotionally and discredit all thought and belief because you know there is general disagreement.  Think…and as much as is possible, find agreement.

For a Christian, we must love our neighbor.  We must love and serve all men of all creeds.  At the same time, we must not muddle or water down basic tenants of our faith for a political system that is certainly the greatest in the world, but is certainly not centered on the person and will of God.  Be involved, vote, have opinions, debate and argue in grace and love, but hold true to what you believe is true.

A good book on politics for a person of faith can be found here. You may not agree with everything in the book, but it will get you started.



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3 responses to ““Progressive” Politics and Evolution

  1. This is new information for me. Thanks for sharing, it’s a lot to think on.

  2. I believe that Progressivism is a subset of ideals outside of the main labels of conservative, liberal and centrist. Progressivism refers to change or reform (hence the ‘progress’ part). Change is an irresistable force and America is constantly moving forward. The only variable is speed and attitude.

    Both liberals and conservatives believe in change on at least some level. Liberals however believe in change based around ideas and concepts, many of which are unproven. Conservatives prefer a slow, measured pace and a defference to tradition and customs. Centrists quite obviously believe in something in the middle.

    Personally I consider myself in the TR mold which means a progressive conservative approach which looks backwards as well as forward and takes traditional values into consideration. I also believe that the chief role conservatives play is to slow down the pace of change so that it doesn’t become reckless. of course, sometimes we slow it down too much…

    The current liberal fascination with ‘progressive’ is simply rebranding. It has nothing to do with real Progressivism.

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