Saddleback’s Presidential Candidate Forum

I have said many times that I hate when churches endorse political candidates…it muddles the gospel, and ostracizes however many people are going to vote for the opposing candidate.  One of the greatest disservices the church and denominations have done to the Gospel is connecting ourselves to a political party.  That said, I think Christians should be involved politically…not to legislate morality, but to be a kingdom dweller voice in our democratic process.

I love what Saddleback is doing with the candidates.  (I have it on DVR so I can watch it later tonight) This is really a historic event, with two presidential candidates sitting in an evangelical church, talking to a pastor on national TV.  Love it, can’t wait to watch it.

Did you watch it?

What did you think?



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3 responses to “Saddleback’s Presidential Candidate Forum

  1. Well, I beleive that Pastors should not endorse candidates. I believe that Pastors and laymen should pray and seek God for guidance. We should talk about issues and see where candidates stand. She should see why they believe what they believe and share our beliefs as Christians as well. While the Christian vote is part of a political marketing strategy, Christians have to be wise enough to sift through all of the fluff and do what God leads us to do.

    Freya S. Williams, author
    Pray Before You Vote! Jesus Is Not a Democrat or a Republican! Jesus Is Lord.

  2. After watching the debate tonight I am soundly for Mc Cain to lead our nation. I was leaning towards Obama but he danced around every question. He seems to be a promoter and dancer and salesman.

    I liked John Mc Cain’s answers, swift and desisive.
    He believes in his convictions, better answers than Obama and no dancing.. just conviction and moral values.
    He is our man. God can strengthen him where he may be weak.

    My decision will not change.

    Vic Logan

  3. betty ann

    I am a Christian who listened to the converstion and I felt Obama gave more thoughtful and intelliegent responses whereas McCain appeared to continue with the same campaign stump speeches. Obama’s sincere answers lead me to support his candidancy.

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