College Football National Championship Pick

I was recently looking at the prospective covers for the upcoming Sports Illustrated…they all have the favorites to win the college football national championship this season.

Starts with USC, (can definately see that, USC is loaded, and always in contention)

then Florida, (two words: Tim Tebow)

Georgia, (if they can survive the SEC they should have a shot)

the Buckeyes, (please God, not another SEC team in the title game)

and of course Missouri…I’m sorry, for a minute I thought you said Missouri…

I click back, and there it is…USC, Florda, Georgia, OSU, and Missouri!  Did anyone even know they had a D1 football program until last year?  Come one now!  

It is 5 team, and 5 teams only…USC, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, and OSU. 

I want OSU!  But I am calling it…USC (although it deeply pains me)

But…I am picking the Bucks over USC during the season

Give me your pick 



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2 responses to “College Football National Championship Pick

  1. Buckeyes and Sooners baby!


  2. Brandon Aubrey

    Grow up and learn a thing or two about college football. First of all, good call with Southern Cal over OSU. The Buckeye’s play in that game was slightly reminiscent of the week 2 game between Missouri and Southeast Missouri State. OSU is not the power house that they once were. You are talking about the difference between the Big 10 and the Pac-10. In all regards, there is little comparison as of now. I can see Florida (although Tebow needs to seriously improve his gameplay and may be throwing away his Heisman bid with just less than 400 yards in his first two games, no rushing TD’s yet, and he has only thrown for 3); I can also see Georgia and obviously Southern Cal, although Georgia Southern gave Georgia a better run for their money than I thought they would, even though it was still a blowout. There are two contenders I would beg to differ with you on. The first of the two is OSU. If the Buckeyes want a chance at a national title in 2008 they are going to have their work cut out for them. Florida embarrased OSU two years ago (but no one seems to remember that) and Southern Cal put on a fabulous display last week.
    Now for my biggest concern, Oklahoma. You are making a prediction out of a conference that for the first time in years can give the SEC a true strength test match. Between Oklahoma (led by Sam Bradford * No. 4 on the Heisman polls), Kansas (led by Todd Reesing who just fell off the Heisman polls), Texas Tech (led by Graham Harrel * No. 8 on the polls and supported by Michael Crabtree * No. 9) and finally Missouri (led by Heisman poll leader Chase Daniel and supported by * No. 7 Jeremy Maclin.) The Big 12, believe it or not, hosts 5 of ESPN’s top 11 picks to win the Heisman after the end of week 3, the SEC has but 2. This is a cut-throat conference. It’s easy to say that despite Texas Tech’s stellar offense, their defensive shortcomings will prevent them from taking the south, and Oklahoma has plenty of reputation in the Big 12 South, but to discount Missouri, well lets just say they made the cover for a reason. There is no doubt that with the exception of the Missouri/ Illinois game, the Tigers schedule has been padded, but you can’t overlook the fact that in Chase Daniels last four quarters of play, he has thrown for more than 650 yards (twice what Tebow has put up after week 2), and scored on every drive he was involved in against a Nevada team that held Texas Tech’s high power offense to 35 while putting up 19 of their own, leading Missouri to a 69-17 win over the same team. Is Missouri overall the strongest team in the nation? No. However, Missouri’s offense can not only compete, it can outperform any offense in the nation. Missouri’s defense on the other hand is hit and miss. In tough games, as shown in the 2007 season, they can at least hold off power offenses long enough for Chase and his power chord of Missouri receivers to put enough up to close the game. The Missouri defense is much stronger this season, holding a decent AA school to 3 points, points scored against a line of Missouri second-string defenders, and allowing only 10 points to a power-offensive Illinois in the first half, before slowing down in the second and giving up 32. Point being, Missouri can play when they need to. Time will tell for this new powerhouse, but with two players in the running for the Heisman, with 173 points after 3 games and with more than 1800 yards of total offense already, I would pick Missouri to win the Big 12 and be in the running for a National Title. They may not be a Southern Cal-level team, but they could give anyone a good run for their money.

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