The Life and Times of the Extroidinary Mr. Noah Dunn

My son will be 14 month old tomorrow.  14 months!  Seems like yesterday he fit from elbow to palm. Noah is healthy, growing, learning, and more than we could have ever hoped for.  Here are the top twelve things he has recently picked up:

12. Who Steve Carell is (tonight he pointed at a DVD of The Office and said “Who is that?”)

11. That is he walks into a room and boisterously laughs for no apparent reason he will make Ash and I crack up
10.  Mom and Dad’s bed is really comfortable


9.  How to shrug his shoulders and gesture “I don’t know”

8.  How to say cup (points to his sippy cup and says “cu”)

7.  How to say car (points to cars in lots or in book as yell “ca”)

6.  That he looks smooth in sunglasses at The Gap

5.  That he REALLY likes the beach

4.  That he likes the new Coldplay album (dances like a maniac, Ash and I laugh till we cry)

3.  How to frown (Has not mastered the art of usage. He will be in full laugh and then start frowning.  Bit of a novelty to him at this point)

2.  Fireworks

1.  Last week Noah happened upon what makes him a boy 

Couldn’t be more proud or feel more blessed!

And…much to our surprise, number two will be here at the end of December!


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