Social Justice (Kiva)

Social justice is an issue that is not optional for someone who follows Christ.  No matter what you think about end times and where the church is in relation to them, you cannot walk by brokenness unaffected.  To do so would be to violate the very heart of mercy and grace we accepted through our Savior.  

That said, there is ALOT of brokenness in our world.  It is difficult to know where to begin.  Sometimes I feel like I, and The Bridge need to pick one or two and focus on those causes.  I fear that if we spread out our efforts we will not affect the change we could have if we chose one.  Our journey is ongoing, but we have certainly found one cause we are passionate about in micro-lending through Kiva.  The chance to provide someone the opportunity to create their own way and achieve financial independence has been an amazing experience.  Please take the time check out Kiva.  If you would like to join our efforts comment here.

Grace, age 38, is married with 5 children (ages 22, 17, 15, 15, and 11). She owns a kiosk which she began 6 years ago. Her business is open from 7am to 10pm daily, and she makes a monthly profit of about $36.In the past, Grace took out 2 previous loans with Tujijenge Tanzania to increase her kiosk business. She now hopes for a new loan to increase the same business and to open a food stand. She will share this loan with her subgroup members, who have businesses selling various foods and clothes, working at kiosks, and tailoring. 

In the picture, Grace is second from the right. 

Join us at Kiva, or tell us your cause




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